2018 Calendar of Events


7 January NHMC New Year Autotest, Readers Yard, Brandesburton
11 February The OnePoint Autotest, Readers Yard, Brandesburton
18 March Maple Garage Autotest, Sproatley
1 April NHMC Warcop Stages Rally, Warcop Ranges, Cumbria
8 April Trackrod Lookout Stages Rally, Melbourne
13 May NHMC John Overend Stages Rally, Melbourne
15 July NHMC Caves Classic Run
19 August NHMC SOD Classic Run
8-9 September Bridlington Weekend of Motoring
28-29 Sept Trackrod Rally Yorkshire
17 November NHMC Cadwell Junior Rally, Cadwell Circuit, Louth
18 November NHMC Cadwell Stages Rally, Cadwell Circuit, Louth
25 November NHMC Autotest

Gavin has produced a yearly events calendar - please click here to view the 2018 edition